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Tuff-Rod™ Extra Flex Glow Fishing Poles




Width Thickness


Part No.

Fixed bullet nose and threaded J hook  

12 ft. total

3/16 in.

3 ea. 4 ft.


Fixed bullet nose and threaded bullet nose  

 30 ft. total

 3/16 in.

 5 ea. 6 ft.


Replacement Rods  

 4 ft. x 12

 3/16 in.

 12 ea. 4 ft.


Replacement Rods  

 6 ft. x 12

 3/16 in.

 12 ea. 6 ft.


Flexible fiberglass rod kit is ideal to reach and pull wires over suspended ceilings in cable trays or through interior walls. Each comes in 4 ft. or 6 ft. sections, depending on finished length desired. Durable connectors allow sections to be screwed together for desired length for the job. 3/16 in. pale green luminescent fiberglass is more flexible than 1/4 in., and features glow-in-the-dark finish for easy use in attics, basements and other dim lit areas.

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