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Zoom™ Fish Tapes


Length (ft.)

Width & Thickness

Case Diameter

End Type

Tuff-Grip™ Pro

Replacement Tapes (No Case)


3/16 in. diameter

12 in.

Metal Eyelet




3/16 in. diameter

12 in. 

 Metal Eyelet




 3/16 in. diameter

16 in.* 

Metal Eyelet



*Traditional handle.

Zoom™ Fish Tapes are the ideal blend of flexibility and strength. Its round shape provides ease of maneuverability through multiple or difficult bends, while its core of 19 strands of stainless steel provide enough strength for even the toughest pulls. Zoom™ Fish Tapes are like a one-stop-shop, offering the greatest flexibility to accommodate many applications any electrician might be working in. It's a good choice for wet or corrosive environments due to its unique design and material composition. Also excellent for corrugated plastic conduit. Available in 50 ft., 100 ft., and 200 ft. lengths. Replacement tapes also available.

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