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Volt-Guard Fish Tapes


Length (ft.)

Width & Thickness

Case Diameter

End Type

Tuff-Grip™ Pro

Replacement Tapes (No Case)


.1874 in. x .094 in.

12 in.

Non-Conductive Eyelet




 .1875 in. x .094 in.

 12 in.

Non-Conductive Eyelet




Fiberglass core provides non-conductive and non-arcing capabilities for use near live circuits. This fiberglass is an economy fiberglass which is lighter, and less costly than our S-Class® fiberglass. Recommended for light duty work, or for those that don't do a high volume of fishing,  this fish tape is a step up from traditional nylon fish tapes. More column strength for pushing ability, and less coil memory than nylon. Available in 60 ft. and 120 ft. lengths. Replacement tapes available.

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