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Stainless Steel Fish Tapes


Length (ft.)

Width & Thickness

Case Diameter

End Type

Tuff-Grip™ Pro

Replacement Tapes (No Case)


1/8 in. x .060 in.

12 in.

Formed Hook




 1/8 in. x .060 in.

12 in. 

Formed Hook



Stainless steel material provides the best performance and longest life in humid or damp locations. Perfect for longer conduit runs, this fish tape boasts the highest tensile strength, and highest grade stainless steel for professional durability and reliability. The Tuff-Grip™ Pro case and handle are impact resistant, while the unique design keeps the wire inside the case, even after a long fall. Available in 120 ft. and 240 ft. lengths. Replacement tapes also available.

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