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Adjustable Wrenches



Jaw Capacity 

Part No.

6 in. Adjustable Wrench

7/8 in. 


8 in. Adjustable Wrench  

 1-1/8 in.


10 in. Adjustable Wrench  

 1-5/16 in.


12 in. Adjustable Wrench

1-1/2 in.


The IDEAL Made in the U.S.A. tool line uses forged-steel construction, which provides extra strength and hardness without sacrificing flexibility.  It is manufactured and assembled with a tight tolerance on the thumbscrew to prevent it from loosening or wobbling with use.  It features a narrow profile to fit into tight spaces and an extra wide jaw capacity with laser-etched standard and metric markings that won’t rub off from use.

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