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3-in-1 Premise MULETAPE®



Pulling Strength

 Tape Width


Part No.

3-in-1 Premise MULETAPE®

400 lb. 1/4 in. 4,500 ft./Bucket


1,800 lb. 1/2 in. 1,300 ft./Bucket


 MULETAPE® is a registered trademark of NEPTCO, INC.

IDEAL Muletape® Premise tape allows three functions in one product; thread, measure and pull in one step.  This reduces installation time by allowing fewer steps, and results in significant material and labor savings.  Measure using the sequential footage or meter markings imprinted on the product.  Two products available to meet any need on the job.  The 4500-ft. length has a pull strength of 400 lbs. and is 1/4 in. width.  The 1,300 ft. length has a pull strength of 1,800 lbs. and is 1/2 in. width.

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