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F/BNC Insertion and Removal Tool - 8"




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F & BNC Coax Connector Tool - 8 in.


The F/BNC insertion/removal tool is used to aid in accessing, torqueing, loosening, and reaching all types of standard F and BNC connectors.  With a patented design that is only available from IDEAL, this is the only tool in the industry that works on both F and BNC connectors with the same tool end.
No adjustments to the tool are required to move from BNC to F connector applications.

• The only tool that works on both F and BNC connectors
• Accepts RG-59 through RG6 Quad cables/connectors – F and BNC
• Designed to help tighten/loosen/reach connectors
• Comfort grip contoured handle  
• 8” overall length
• F-post on end of tool can be used for leverage when pushing connectors on to cable in the assembly process
• Works on most industry standard, typical sized compression or crimp, BNC and 7/16” nut F connectors
• Not designed for extra wide body connectors or RG-11 connectors

To use the tool:
1) Place coax into open end of tool behind the connector
2) Slide the tool over the connector until seated
3) Turn tool to tighten or loosen as needed

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