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B-Twist™ Wire Connectors



Wire Combination Range 

Wire Combination Range (mm) 


Part No.



18 to 8 AWG

Min. 2 #18

Max. 2 #8


,75mm2 to 10mm2

Min. 2-,75mm2

Max. 1-8,0mm2 w/2-6,0mm2

 Box of 100


Jar of 500


Barrel of 25,000


 *1,000V maximum in fixtures and signs

Comes to torque quick and easy.

The B-Twist™ Wire Connector combines all of the features of red and yellow wing-style wire connectors in one unique design. The rounded dial-top with vertical grooves provides fast, fingertip starts and its low-profile design fits easily into electrical boxes. The long, swept wings offer high torque and improve comfort while the wide, expanding spring makes for easy starts on even the largest combinations.

The tough, flame-retardant shell withstands environmental extremes with a long, deep skirt that provides maximum dielectric protection to prevent flash-over and turned-back strands.

Featuring a wide wire range from 2 #18 up to 2 #8, the B-Twist™ provides top performance and speed in a compact connector.

B-Twist Chart

Q: Can IDEAL Wire Connectors be used on DC voltage?

A: IDEAL Wire Connectors are listed to UL 486C. The standard does not differentiate between AC or DC voltage; and therefore IDEAL Twist-on Wire Connectors are acceptable for use with either AC or DC voltage.

Q: What is the amperage rating for wire connectors?

A: The maximum ampacity of a wire connector correlates to the maximum ampacity of the conductors being used in the combination. The ampacity of the conductor is determined by the gauge of the conductor combined with the ambient temperature and the jacket type of the conductor. The table for Allowable Ampacities of Insulated Conductors (Table 310.15(B)(16)) can be found in the National Electric Code under Article 310 – Conductors for General Wiring.

For example, a 12-AWG THHN copper conductor has a maximum amperage rating of 30 amps at 90C (194F). A wire connector with a maximum range of 12-AWG conductors would also have a maximum amperage rating of 30 amps.

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