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SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer 61-957



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Receiver with super-bright OLED Rotating Display (in 90° increments) – Kit includes Transmitter TR-955, Receiver RC-959, Lead Set TL-956, Hard Carrying Case C-957, Batteries and Instruction Manual


SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers

IDEAL, a leader in Circuit Tracing technology, has released the latest generation of circuit tracers with refinements in performance, ease-of-use and safety.



• Four defined ranges let you quickly select the proper sensitivity for your job

• Easy-to-replace AA batteries provide the tracer with 4 times the tracing power


• Super-bright OLED display (61-957 and 61-959) indicates a numeric value between 0 and 99,providing a quick and easy way to determine signal strength

• A variable pitch/tone audible indication assists in verifying signal strength

• Peak detection provides instantaneous signal strength feedback

• SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers feature the only rotating display in the industry

• Regardless of the position the tracer is in, the display will orient itself in an easy-to-read vertical position


• Designed for durability and safety

• CAT III 600V

• High energy fuse


• Can be used on circuits 0-600V AC/DC

• Identifies breakers and fuses

• Pinpoints opens and shorts

• Traces wires behind walls

Kit Components

Kit Components






Tracer Test Lead Set


Hard Carrying Case





Replacement Parts

Cat. No.

Cradle for Receiver (threaded for use on standard extension pole)


Fuse  - High-Energy, Fast-Acting, 1A/660V


Fuse  - High-Energy, Fast-Acting, 1A/660V


Magnetic Hanging Strap


Tracer Test Lead Set (includes items 1-6 below)


1. Outlet Plug Adapter for Transmitter


2. Blade Prongs for Lead Adapters (set of 2)


3. Ground Prong for Lead Adapters


4. Alligator Clips for Lead Adapters (set of 2)


5. 3 ft. Lead Adapters for Transmitter (set of 2)


6. 25 ft. Lead Adapter for Transmitter


Test Lead Set


Blade Prongs for Lead Adapters



IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Overview

Provides an overview of how to use the SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL. The tracer can help you find wiring throughout a building including breakers in panels and wiring behind walls and in the floor. Makes a tough job a lot easier!

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Identifying a breaker that protects live circuits

The SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL will make finding a breaker in an electrical panel seem pretty easy.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer How To Set Up A Remote Return Path

This video will step you through how to set up a Remote Return Path to trace wires with the SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL. It can significantly increase the tracers ability to find a wire in the building.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Tracing Wires in Walls, Floors and Ceilings

The SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL is a great tool when trying to trace wires in walls, floors and ceilings in a building. It can save you hours of time when trying to locate the wires. Make sure to read the manual to learn how to use the tracer or simply watch the videos.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Finding an Open

The SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer from IDEAL works great finding an open in a circuit as long as you know this tip. Grounding all the other conductors in the circuit will prevent the signal from bleeding into them making it harder to find the open condition in the conductor you are tracing.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Finding a Short

This video will show you how to use the SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer to find a short in a circuit. The tracer can locate the origin of a ground fault or dead short in a circuit that is causing circuit breakers to trip, fuses to blow and current leaking on the ground conductor.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Underground Tracing

This video will show you how to use the SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer to trace wires in ground. It uses the Remote Return Path method and separates the two conductors used to create a closed loop. This method works better then simple shorting one end of the cable and attaching the two leads of the tracer to them.

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Safety Tip

Here is a safety tip when tracing live circuits with the SureTrace™ circuit tracer from IDEAL. When using the test leads and the outlet plug, alligator clips or blade prong lead adapters that are supplied with the kit, it is important to remember that the potential for an exposed Hot conductor exists. If both test leads are plugged into the transmitter and one test lead is connected to a hot conductor any exposed tip of the second test lead is also at or near Hot potential due to conduction through the transmitter circuitry. The current is limited to a few milli-amps and is unlikely to be dangerous, but it still presents a shock or startle hazard.



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