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13-Piece Journeyman's Electrican's Kit with Tote



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Journeyman Electrician’s Kit


The 13-Piece Kit comes with three Pliers with Smart-Grip™ handles, Kinetic™ Reflex™ T®-Stripper Wire Stripper, and four Cushioned-Grip Screwdrivers. Kit also includes 25’ Auto-Lock™ Tape Measure, Hawkbill Knife, Medium Size Fuse Puller, Torpedo Level, and Journeyman Electrician’s Tote®.

• Kit Contents: Three Pliers with Smart-Grip™ handles (9-1/2” Linesman w/ New England nose and crimping die 30-3430, 8-1/2” Long Nose w/ cutter 35-3038, 9-1/2” Tongue and Groove 35-3420), Kinetic™ Reflex™ T®-Stripper Wire Stripper 45-915, Four Cushioned-Grip Screwdrivers (#1 x 3 Phillips 35-193, #2 x 4 Phillips 35-194, 3/16” x 4 Slotted Cabinet Tip 35-186, 1/4” x 4 Slotted round shank 35-164), 25’ Auto-Lock™ Tape Measure 35-242, Hawkbill Knife 35-286, Medium Size Fuse Puller 34-002, Torpedo Level 35-205, Journeyman Electrician’s Tote® 35-462

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