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Aluminum Benders



Part No.

(head only) 

Part No.

(handle only)

Part No.

(head and handle)

1/2 in. EMT




 3/4 in. EMT, 1/2 in. Rigid & 1/2 in. IMC




IDEAL® Aluminum conduit bender is made of lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling. Bends conduit pipes to fit around any corner, ceiling, wall or irregularly shaped passageways. It features precision marks locating degree scale, star, arrow and rim notch for perfect bends every time. Bender head has easy visibility markings that are raised and cast into both sides. It has a deeply serrated steps and grooved internal hook surface that prevents slippage, while applying high leverage. It is heat treated for extra strength and reinforced at stress points for longer life. Baked-on blue enamel finish on the handle resists corrosion and enhances visibility. Uses the Benfield bending system, which is standard to the industry. Includes convenient bending guide as a reference for basic bends. Two sizes accommodate 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. conduit. Available complete with head and handle, as well as the handle and head each sold separately as a replacement part.

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